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Rallying employees through inspiration and empowerment


Rally employees together to drive inspiration, energy, and motivation around BlackLine’s 2021 goals.


Create a multi-day virtual event experience that resonates across all organizations and teams, prioritizing fun and engaging virtual tactics that hold interest and keep attendees excited and tuned in.

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Together with BlackLine, DPEM created two virtual kick-off events for 1,300+ BlackLiners internationally across 8 time zones. Bringing the STRONGER theme to life, content was designed to leave attendees feeling energized, inspired, and motivated to tackle 2021. BlackLine Kick-Off (BKO) included a celebrity keynote with Abby Wambach, an awards ceremony at the LAFC Stadium, studio-filmed leadership presentations, and engaging commercial breaks. The Sales Kick-Off (SKO) followed BKO with three days of celebrating successes, laying out the 2021 strategy, and motivating sales teams through content that honed their competitive, high-energy nature. The program was built on a highly technical customized virtual platform that highlighted gamification and participation, and trivia lounge networking, daily prizes, and 20+ concurrent breakouts.

DPEM worked with BlackLine to manage the virtual platform, ideate the event identity, create motion graphics, record and produce video content, create networking activities, source celebrity speakers, and manage mailed event swag.