Cloud Storage Platform


Defining a tech giant’s unique brand strengths through live experiences


Develop a theme that embraces and celebrates primary differentiators by communicating the company as an industry thought leader. Review the brand’s position in the marketplace and evaluate its brand marketing to create a central theme to unite its growing community at the company’s annual user conference.


Create a fresh and brand-relevant experience that allows the brand to speak to its unique strengths. Harness the strength of the existing user base in a more strategic and business-forward manner to expand its product’s value perception as an essential business collaboration tool.

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Developed a concept and theme that embraced and celebrated the brand’s primary differentiators, then provided guides and tactics for the company to implement globally. Created messaging that reflected the diversity and relevance of the brand while positioning it as a thought leader through a discussion about the future of business. Developed authentic on-site experiences that supported marketing initiatives, including programming for stage presentations, speaker preparation, and stage-set formats.