Benefit Cosmetics


Once-in-a-lifetime influencer experience for the global launch of Box O' Powder


Bring the Box O’ Powder to life with an immersive program that fosters connection and maximizes shareability.


Curate a three-day trip, inviting influencers to WANDERful world, where color takes you places.

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On the beautiful island of Lanai, Hawaii, 57 influencers from 18 countries were welcomed to Benefit’s blush collection launch. Highly curated events included a Hoola-themed cocktail party, an amazing product reveal performance with a local aerial arts group, a traditional Hawaiian Luau dinner, and a Monarch butterfly release to help the local Monarch population. Everyone’s experience was customized with adventure day and beauty treatments that embodied the free-spirited Benefit style. The trip garnered 1.4K social posts and $20.7 million in earned media value.

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