DPEM Explores: The “Why” Is More Important Now Than Ever

2020 has been a whirlwind of pivoting and crisis management. Virtual is just the newest challenge in storytelling and audience connection and brands are struggling how to navigate the current event landscape. We tackled these questions in DPEM Explores, a weekly conversation series that discusses different issues facing our industry with a curated group of experts.

One of DPEM’s guiding principles is more true now than ever before: Every event program needs to stem from the Why. Now, an innate understanding of the Why is more important than ever. Ali Cox, Founder of AC&C Marketing reinforces, “If we are struggling so much with how to do it [put on an event], I’m wondering: have we done enough work on the Why?” The Why gives purpose to a program. We consider each project an adventure and if you know the Why behind your adventure, you are able to more easily pack for the experience, create a route, and identify a destination. With the purpose top of mind, DPEM easily guides clients as we architect engagement, breathing life into their programs in order to deeply connect with their audiences.

For so many long-standing and annual events we’re discovering that The Why has gotten buried along the way, growing routine in producing programs year over year. With the quickly changing landscape, this makes it almost impossible to pivot in a way that truly connects with audiences. It is our responsibility as a strategic experiential agency to uncover your goals and use them as the guiding light throughout the experience. We lead with the goals and build the engagement programming around them; whether a virtual event, a hybrid event, or a pause.

Many engagement strategies have turned to virtual
, but one size does not fit all, even in the digital world. As Dava Guthmiller of Noise13 reminds us, “People, individuals, are craving connectedness… But being spoken to on Zoom? Their tolerance is super low.” Is your purpose to celebrate together and engage with your audience around an achievement? Is your purpose to captivate an audience to actively engage in lively discussion? Is your purpose to gather your global community to share their stories, their successes, and learn from one other? Refocusing on The Why leads each program down a unique path to the best solution for your challenge. DPEM is the steward—we focus on the possibilities and are genuinely motivated to explore the paths to success. We approach every experience individually, avoiding formulas, and developing each touchpoint with an elevated curation to create lasting impact.

We leave you with this: Virtual is just the newest challenge in storytelling and audience connection. We are a team of creative thinkers who reimagine effective engagement strategies so you can confidently adapt and find opportunity in this evolving environment. If you invest in your WHY, you will continue to connect with your audience, no matter the platform.


DPEM Virtual and Hybrid Event Playbook

DPEM Explores is a conversation series that looks ahead at what is coming next, discussing the different challenges facing our industry and cross-pollinating ideas with a curated group of experts.