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Best practices for building strong teams


Effective teamwork is the most crucial element in a successful and productive company, and what better way to enhance that corporate teamwork then through off-premise engaging activity based team building? With each new team building experience, companies are able to boost their employee productivity through increasing the company morale. The key to this however, is planning an all-inclusive activity that employees want to be part of, as planning a team building experience could potentially be detrimental if not executed appropriately. The true foundation of team building is to develop goals to which all team members are aware of, committed to achieving and excited about executing. Whether your group is large or small, team building is a productive and vital part of every business across all industries that should be exciting, fun and entertaining. Ultimately, as a planner you want your client and their team to walk away from every team building experience having achieved their goal, gotten to know one another on a new level, and have had a great time doing it. When planning a corporate team building activity, the approach a planner must take will differ from group to group depending on the size of the team, the goal of the activity and the types of issues that may inhibit good teamwork. Executive Producer Dominic Phillips, of Dominic Phillips Event Marketing (DPEM) says, “Create simple challenges outside of the office, to ensure employees break away from their daily sense of responsibility and are able to engage in a stress free, relaxed and fun environment.”

When planning your next team building experience, keep these tips of the trade in mind:

Questions to Ask:

What are the group demographics?

Depending on the demographics of the group, you may opt for a less active intensive activity such as a relay race, but choose a fun and engaging activity such as a cooking class.
What is the goal?

Ultimately, team building is about building strong relationships within the office and what better way to do so then to take employees out of the office so they can see one another in a new light while developing a newfound appreciation of one another’s interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Things to Avoid:

Creating mandatory team building activities that may ostracize a team member from the group, may overly expose their weaknesses in a negative way, or that may create more stress.

If opting for a sport intensive activity, confirm all group members are in appropriate health and have desire to be involved.

Recommended Team Building Activities:


Develop activities where there is a single focus project that everyone can galvanize around. Working on a project that is impossible for one, but possible for many allows for everyone to achieve success through working as one single unit.

Community service based projects are great for this because you are doing well for your local community, while building company morale.


Build laughter and excitement through off-site group activities where employees can get to know one another in a stress free environment.

Sports games and concerts are perfect for this type of team building, as they are fun and exciting, and everyone can participate.


Remove employees from their comfort zones and place them in team challenges to allow the team to evaluate and work off of the groups’ strengths and weaknesses.

An urban scavenger hunt or group trivia is excellent for large group challenges as they allow for everyone to be involved and participate.

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