Vote Now! 7×7 Vanguard Award

We are delighted to share that our sister company Seedling Projects, Founder and Director, Sarah Weiner is nominated for a 7×7 Vanguard Award. Recognizing individuals around the Bay Area for making a positive difference in their communities, Sarah is nominated for paving the way for the good food movement across the Bay Area and the country through her creation the Good Food Awards. Since 2011, she has brought together a nationally renowned group of food producers, food writers, grocers, farmers, and chefs, honoring those who make food that is delicious, authentic and responsibly produced. In the last 4 years Sarah has made major strides, uniting small food producers nationwide with the Good Merchants Guild and reinventing the food trade show with the Good Food Mercantile, to lay a path for small business owners to flourish.

Voting ends April 13, 2015 – you can place your vote here, and vote as many times as you want!




Posted by: Lindsay Sutherland, Awards