Who We Are

At DPEM we aspire to expand the possibilities of experiential marketing with live activation. We make real the colorful imagination of design agencies and departments, whether through advertising, public relations or marketing. Encouraging project assignments that lead us into the unexplored, we are game for the adventure and possibilities.

From projects like WIRED’s Nextfest and the future of technology to international programs that require us to first understand a new community, language and dynamic, the world of strategy, activation and integration allow us an ever growing appreciation for effective communication. Integrating new technology, cultural relevancies, social media and simple human response, we better understand both our target community and it’s response to experiential programs we develop.

At DPEM, we want everyone to benefit from our involvement. Wherever we can, we integrate local artists, technicians and cause-conscious associations as part of our programming. Food is never wasted, props are always re-purposed and local resources are constantly activated. At home in the Bay Area, DPEM is recognized for supporting 100 Black Women to fight the spread of AIDS in African American youth, Meals on Wheels to fight hunger in the elderly, Raphael House to get the homeless back on their feet, SF Opera and Symphony to support the arts and American Red Cross for ensuring we are ready for any possibility of natural disasters.