Dominic Phillips

Executive Producer & Founder

With over 20 years of event marketing experience, Dominic provides clients with a comprehensive and professional understanding of the event marketing industry, as well as its integration into business and marketing strategies.
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Lindsay Sutherland

Director of Creative & Strategy

Lindsay plays an important leadership role at DPEM, providing creative strategy for both marketing programs and client projects. With her proactive approach, Lindsay ensures a fresh and dynamic perspective, clearly and effectively communicated programs, and inventive and creative design in social media, advertising, project design and business development.
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Katie Coleman

Senior Event Manager

Katie brings the expertise and creativity needed to create well-planned and unique experiences for each client. She is extremely passionate about events and goes the extra mile to ensure each program is planned and executed with precision. With experience in PR, marketing and event production in multiple industries, Katie is able to bring a new perspective to each project while providing a seamless experience from start to finish for clients and guests.
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Michelle Madrid

Senior Event Manager

Michelle has been in the events industry since 2007 and got her start producing VIP events and PR stunts for major movie studios and TV networks. She’s an energetic person who approaches each project with a creative eye, strategic mind, and a logistical hand, taking every step necessary to ensure each client’s experience comes to life in a meaningful way and having fun throughout the entire process.
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Carly Garcia

Senior Event Manager

With 12 years of event planning experience, Carly has served as an events manager at several non-profit organizations and has worked as an event management consultant responsible for providing clients creative direction, strategic management, and logistical/organization services. She's planned a wide variety of events and her experience has given her keen insight into project coordination and the ability to be a team leader and problem solver.
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Jenna Mesic, CMP

Senior Event Manager

With 12 years of event experience, Jenna's role as a Senior Account Manager ensures that all project details are met with care and attention while keeping clients actively informed. Her experience comes from years spent both in San Francisco and Las Vegas managing events and weddings, including The Ritz-Carlton and Caesars Palace and working with the distinguished Paula LeDuc Fine Catering as an Event Manager.
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Amanda Patterson

Senior Event Manager

Amanda brings the knowledge and drive needed to create an experience that is both innovative and well-planned. Events have always been a big part of her life and she takes immense pride and responsibility in this passion. She provides a fresh, new perspective on events while focusing on the client's needs and their guests' enjoyment.
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Anneka Euser

Business Operations Manager

With a background in the legal industry and five years of on-site experience as a contractor for DPEM, Anneka understands that the key to success is in the details. Energetic and meticulous, she works with the internal DPEM team to create a streamlined and dynamic business environment in which DPEM producers and clients are able to successfully collaborate.
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Maile Hatfield

Event Manager

Maile is the strength onsite and the calm in the planning. Through her creative approach, she exceeds expectations in all aspects of the project - from creative connecting and logistical planning to vendor selection and onsite management. With 20 years of experience in PR, marketing and production, Maile has well-rounded experience and is able to bring clarity to the most hectic scenarios.
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Bradley Nadler

Operations Manager

Onsite event logistics is where Bradley excels. With over 15 years of event experience in the Bay Area, Bradley’s role onsite not only consists of production related management but also execution of all technical logistics. Bradley’s thorough approach to events ensures the event’s success.
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