Creative Community

By supporting local arts and entertainment whenever possible, DPEM projects offer financial support and new forms of promotion to the local creative community wherever projects are located.


Food System

Closely aligned with sustainable food system programming, DPEM co-founded Seedling Projects, a ‘do tank’ that transforms ideas into action, gets projects off the ground and builds an activated and diverse community around each to ensure it flourishes.



Learning from the Slow Food concept of Good, Clean and Fair, we question every decision made throughout the planning process, bringing a holistic approach to production. And, as events are inherently wasteful, we aim to minimize the impact on the environment through zero waste programming, landfill diversion, alternatives to printing, sustainable catering, and clear vendor eco-directives.


Basic Services

DPEM donates event materials, ensures consumable leftovers get to the hungry, and assembles volunteers for charitable endeavors in an effort to support local organizations that provide basic services to the less fortunate.