Benefit Cosmetics 40th Anniversary Party

Benefit Cosmetics enlisted DPEM to design, plan, and execute their 40th Anniversary Party, creating a day of celebration that captured the emotion of the brand and said thank you to the people behind the company. The day kicked off with a brand-activated scavenger hunt through San Francisco ending at the General’s Residence at Fort Mason.  Bringing the playfulness of the company to life, the event décor was a brand-themed picnic with plush lounge seating vignettes under cabanas. DPEM managed event design and conception, venue solicitation, food and beverage, décor and rentals, entertainment and activities, and on-site logistics.

All photography provided by Gamma Nine.

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Meet the Team: Quinn Maycumber

Quinn - CandidWhen did you start at DPEM?
August of 2016

What three words would you use to describe yourself?
Passionate, reliable, and open.

What would be your last meal?
Pasta – hands down.

Favorite place you have ever traveled?
Italy!  As much as I love a beautiful beach destination, nothing beats the wine, food, art, scenery, and history of Italy! 

Retirement Dreams?
If money weren’t a restriction, I’d love to travel all over the world living in a new place every few months or year. 

Favorite Band or Musician?
Led Zeppelin. 

Why did you get started in the event industry originally?
This is actually my first position within the event industry. The majority of my experience is within marketing for professional service companies. In my previous role, I was given the opportunity to plan several internal and client appreciation events and really enjoyed the challenge of producing memorable experiences for attendees.

What is your favorite part about working in the event industry?
I love the creativity involved! This isn’t necessarily true for all event companies, but at DPEM there is a tremendous amount of detail, innovation, and personal touches put into each project.  It’s incredible to see how our designers and producers pinpoint client goals and curate a truly unique experience that achieves those objectives.  Most of all it’s exciting to market such a fun and creative service!

What was the best event you ever attended?
Is it crazy to say my best friend’s wedding? It was a destination wedding in a tropical location which included 5 days of fun and relaxation with a great group of people. The combination of stunning décor, decadent food, and amazing music & dancing in a beautiful location made it an experience I’ll never forget!

What has been your proudest moment professionally?
I would have to say developing marketing strategies for two new divisions of a company. There were several stakeholders involved with very different personalities and minimal research had been done beforehand.  Given the tight time constraints and multiple viewpoints to satisfy, it was exciting to see how my work successfully helped lead the company in a new and profitable direction.

What is your favorite thing about living in the Bay Area?
The culture, diversity, and innovation! I will forever be a Colorado girl, but the Bay Area now has a piece of my heart.  Within the first few weeks of living here, I knew it was a great fit.  San Francisco is truly a melting pot with so many types of food, languages, music, art, architecture, and ideas to experience.  Everything is influenced by this diversity, and as a result the inherent vibe of the city is exciting and innovative.

Where can you be found on your time off from work?
You can find me exploring the Bay Area, catching up with friends, or visiting my niece and nephew in CO.

What client would you love to work with and why?
I would probably say Apple because they are incredibly innovative and I’m a little obsessed with their current marketing & branding. I can only begin to imagine what type of event would originate from the talented minds of our creative team and the great minds at Apple.

What is your best-kept secret to success?
Laughter, dedication, passion, and a great support system!

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Campari America Family Picnic

An annual event showing appreciation for their employees, Campari America retained DPEM to design, plan and execute a day of fun at their family picnic.  Playful and on brand, DPEM created a relaxing environment for employees to connect outside of the office.

This year’s picnic was a garden theme, with all food, artisan Campari America cocktails and activations designed around the theme. Activities for kids and adults included a DIY succulent station, decorate a flower pot or canvas tote, DIY pickling station, lawn games, and a make-your-own pizza station.

All photography provided by Gamma Nine.

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