Meet the Team: Isidro Malonay


When did you start at DPEM?
December of 2015

How did you get started in the event industry originally?
I was introduced to a fabricator through a friend, while working in a restaurant. The fabricator hired me for logistics on projects that he created for a small agency in the East Bay. I loved all aspects of the events we worked on and everyone around me noticed. Slowly, I began to work for both the fabricator and the agency on projects around the country. Fast forward some years and here I am at DPEM producing events.

What has been the biggest challenge that you have overcome as a producer, and what was your solution?
When I started out, my biggest challenge was finding the right template for the different aspects of production. Eventually, I learned that there is not really one template for anything – there are definitely key milestones that apply across the board, but programs and clients dictate what the template looks like.

What was the most luxurious or glamorous event you have produced?
At my most glamorous event I wore many hats, but I was not the producer. The team and I headed just outside of Miami. We produced a three-day digital advertising conference for exclusive C-level attendees at a five star hotel. The event included custom everything from staging to fabricated décor pieces. The highlight was an evening event with an Art Deco them — geometric lines, patterns, gold, green and bold. Highlights included custom geometric structures, marquee lights, large tables built into the beach, ice cream made upon request with nitrogen mixers, and the most perfect 80-degree evening.

What is the most unusual request you have ever had?
Being asked for a very specific type of beef jerky the day before an event. It was only available in exclusive stores and the closest one was over 12 hours away. Sadly the manufacturer was not able to ship overnight, but we found a solution that made everyone happy.

As a client working with a new event planner, what would be the one piece of advice you would give to prepare them for the adventure?
Anything is possible with time; however, as we get closer to the event, costs increase exponentially.

What has been your proudest moment as an event producer?
When I was able to find a solution to “hide” a three-story wall that was half windows and half historic mural. We were not able to rig from the ceiling and we couldn’t get a truss tall enough that would be safe. The solution was huge white balloons that were lit with multiple colors and a custom made logo that appeared to float inside of the balloons. This installation turned into a photo opportunity for attendees and we pulled it off in an extremely tight time frame.

How would you describe your event producing style? 
I try to embody the best producers I have worked with. They taught me to strive for stress-free, well-planned events, where you have complete trust in your staff.

What do you see as an upcoming trend for this year?
I think that an upcoming trend is a continuation of technological integration at a lower price. Things I have seen include wearable technology that interacts with music and a custom printed take-away, created using an image an attendee took at the event.

Where can you be found on your time off from work?
You can find me eating! At home, a favorite restaurant, or at place I read good reviews about.

What would be your dream event to produce?
A Vanity Fair event! They always have a fun carpets from red to stripes, great lighting, amazing floral design and incorporation of natural textiles. The exclusive guest list is a bonus.

What is your best-kept secret to success?
Be kind to everyone, stay positive and be ready to provide a solution when issues arise.

Posted by: Lindsay Sutherland, DPEM Team