The Era of Innovative Workspaces

We’re always looking for ways to make our office a place that inspires productivity and creativity, and thus, a more enjoyable place to work. Being in San Francisco puts us in the heart of the ever sought after start-up culture, so we borrowed some of these design ideas when considering ways to improve our own workspace at DPEM HQ.

1. The fresh design of contemporary new offices has a more open and inviting atmosphere. This translates to a lot more glass and very few walls dividing up individual workspaces. The idea of restricted cubicles does not allow for open collaboration and communication among workers, so we to have scratched this idea, instead opting for a more communal space with open walls.

2. Modern offices are often designed to have very high, exposed ceilings and large windows that allow employees more open space and a view of the outdoors. At DPEM HQ, we find that maximizing the amount of natural sunlight in the office creates a more calm and relaxing space (and saves energy too).

3. We love glass conference rooms that give employees a space for privacy, but still don’t close them off from the rest of the workplace. This space eliminates any noise issues in the new, open office spaces as well. Plus, the glass walls are a great drawing board for brainstorming sessions.

4. We find the best way to keep our energy up and our minds sharp is to have snacks and treats readily available to eat throughout the day. At DPEM, our kitchenette is stashed with teas and healthy snacks.

5. Finally, we love the idea of bringing the outside, inside. We try to incorporate elements of the environment into our space, surrounding ourselves with as many living things as possible.

What measures to you take to keep your workspace a place of inspiration and motivation?

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KV Summit 2013

Retained by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Khosla Ventures, DPEM designed and produced this year’s KV Summit — an annual program that brings together CEOs of the firm’s portfolio companies. In support of Khosla Venture’s cleantech initiatives, we were thrilled to use our sustainable best practices. Highlights included a custom-built stage backdrop created from reclaimed materials and found driftwood arrangements that doubled as staff gifts. Throughout the two-day event, we created a comfortable and productive environment for innovative leadership that blended the worlds of corporate productivity with the authentic environmental design that supports the eco-awareness celebrated by Khosla Ventures programming.


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Meet the Team: Kevin Williams

Bringing over 15 of international event production experience to DPEM, we’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of our team: Kevin Williams.

When did you start at DPEM?  May 2013

How did you get started in the industry originally?  I have always been a highly organized individual, and met the principal of a full service agency 20 years ago in London.  I liked the events and music festivals the company worked on and I knew not only would I be good at organizing events, I would enjoy it on a day-to-day basis.

What was the most luxurious or glamorous event you have produced?  A fashion show for the Diane von Furstenberg & Venus Williams collection.

What is the most unusual request you have ever had?  To have the face of the leader of the opposition political party in the UK emerge on a piece of toast.

As a client working with a new event planner, what would be the one piece of advise you would give to them to prepare them for the adventure?  Your event planner is an extension of your team, so build a solid working relationship with them so the communication flow and understanding is seamless.

What has been your proudest moment as an event producer?  There are so many that I am proud of, but I would say successfully completing a four week, games console tour, which ran across six European countries, with two trucks covering three countries each, with only a six week lead time.

How would you describe your event producing style?  Quiet and deliberate.

Where can you be found on your time off from work?  Spending time in the Santa Cruz mountains and hanging out with friends anywhere in the city.

What would be your dream event to producer?  The Super Bowl half time show for the NFL.

What is your best kept secret to success?  Plan, plan and plan some more.  Something will always crop up, so the more you have planned the more time you can dedicate to solving the issue.

Are there any questions you wish we asked that we didn’t yet?  What is your favorite food?  The answer is Jamaican!


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