Happy Earth Day!

As we reflect on Earth Day, we find ourselves asking the question “what does it mean to be sustainable?” At DPEM, we are always pursuant of producing events that do not create any disturbance in the environment at all. Understanding that this is virtually impossible to do in the event industry, we aim to reduce our footprint wherever possible. In addition to minimizing waste, we also strive to be a benefit to our local community and provide a positive experience to everyone involved. Here are some initiatives that we implement into our events and work-life:

- Using compostables at food & beverage events, and providing guests with recycle, compostable and waste bins.

- Avoiding the use of water bottles and instead providing water stations in its place.

- Choosing to work with local vendors who integrate sustainability into their business services and products.

- Providing event solutions that minimize the reliance on laundering and extra water usage.

- Serving locally sourced food ingredients, from the appetizers to the wine and spirits served.

- When fabricating structures or signage for events, we use recycled, recyclable or reclaimed materials as much as possible.

- Walking or biking to work whenever possible.

- Reducing the amount we print, and using electronic solutions as an alternative. We get a lot of use in portable tools like iPada, latops and thumbsdrives.

What does Earth Day mean to YOU?


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Junior League Fashion Showcase 2013

All photography shot by Gamma Nine.

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