Good Food Awards 2012

To those who were there, the Grand Hall of San Francisco’s Ferry Building felt passionate, progressive, and evocative throughout the Good Food Awards on Friday, January 19. Celebrating the best of artisanal food production from coast to coast,the room full of powerful players like Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters, Caleb Zigas, and the all of the GFA winners, whose work is changing the face of American food.

“We now live in a country that has the best produce in the world…We are reclaiming our edible heritage. Thank you for giving us the America we once dreamed we could have,” said Ruth Reichl of the direction the Good Food Awards is leading the country.

The ceremony was followed by the GFA Marketplace on Saturday, where many of the GFA winners tasted and sold their treats.

Take a look at the photos from this year’s “Oscars of the food world.”

All photography shot by GammaNine.

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New Years Resolutions

From producing our signature San Francisco events, to ad agency focused events around the country, to destination events in New Zealand and Great Britain, 2011 proved to be a busy year of growth for DPEM. Reflecting on our amazing experiences last year, we look forward to exploring the adventures of 2012.

DPEM always pursuant of unique ideas that push the limits in order to create an experience that people want to be a part of—something new, different and exciting. Here are some “resolutions” that we have for the coming year.

Push the Limits of Creativity

Every event is an adventure for DPEM and we aim to inspire and connect with our client and the community with each project. Our goal is to expand the possibilities of experiential marketing.

Go Greener

DPEM follows Slow Food Organization’s motto of “Good, Clean and Fair” whenever and wherever we can.  Pursuant of making each event more sustainable and green than the last, we are continually in search of products and partners who aim push the boundaries of environmental practices.

Take Time out for Team Building

DPEM believes that creating strong relationships within the office so that there is a greater sense of collaboration between team members. This year we will spend more time building excitement and motivation between employees through fun and engaging off-site activities.

Explore New Venues

Whether we transform the space to create a particular mood or find an amazing space to use as is, exciting venues elevate the atmosphere of any event. Lucky for us, San Francisco houses unique venues and is constantly opening more for us to explore.

Cheers to 2012!

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Good Food Awards This Friday!

DPEM’s co-founded Seedling Projects is gearing up for the Good Food Awards this Friday. Redefining “good food” as tasty, authentic and responsible, the Good Food Awards leads the momentum towards sustainable AND delicious eating. Of the 1,000 entrants, the 99 winners selected by an esteemed group of judges, including Ruth Reichl and Alice Waters, will be honored at the San Francisco Ferry Building. Celebrating the food as well as the food producers, taste the winning foods as envisioned by locals chefs from Foreign Cinema, Absinthe and more.

Good Food Awards Gala Reception
Friday, January 13, 8 – 10:00pm
San Francisco Ferry Building Main Hall
Tickets: $100 Buy Tickets Here 

Following the ceremony on Saturday morning, the 99 winners will come together at the Good Food Awards Marketplace. From cheese and charcuterie to pickles and preserves, come out to taste and buy this delicious and responsibly produced food. Meet and mingle with the producers as they themselves will be serving their winning delights.

For the first time, the public will be able to sample the winning beer and spirits. Poured by the brewers and distillers themselves, spirits will be served straight and mixed in signature cocktails.

Good Food Awards Marketplace and Beer & Spirits Garden
Saturday, January 14, 8:00am – 2:00pm
San Francisco Ferry Building
Tickets: Buy Tickets Here

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